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The mission of SSNA is to be a solution-driven packaging partner that improves client profit and productivity by providing the finest in custom packaging, excellent service, and the best client support available.


The daily operations within Sigma Supply of North America (SSNA) is compliant to the ISO 9001:2015 standard. This is the worldwide recognized standard of quality, ensuring consistency within all of our processes and transactions.


When you buy from Sigma Supply, you can rest assured knowing that all regulations and laws are followed and that your products are sourced from equitable partners.


Sigma Supply of North America is committed to complying with all laws, regulations, and our own code of ethics. We prohibit any practices that may compromise the human rights of any individuals. Each and every vendor we work with is held to the same standards.


Sigma Supply of North America is fully committed to the safety and security of all customers, associates, vendors, and visitors. We prohibit the engagement of any practices that may compromise the safety or security of our stakeholders.


Sigma Supply is here to serve you, day or night. As such, we realize that you may need a contact in the event of an emergency, such as a recall or other action. Please click to see our emergency personnel should you need an after-hours contact.